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April - Oktober tägl. ab 11:30 Uhr

Nov. - März tägl. ab 17:00 Uhr 

Samstags, Sonntags und Feiertags tägl. ab 11:30 Uhr Mittwoch Ruhetag 


Our Gasthof/Restaurant and Hotel "Zum Lam" is located in the center of Gleiszellen, the muskatel village with charm and heart. Here you will find peace, relaxation and an atmosphere that soothes the soul. Enjoy the beneficial mixture of pleasure culture, Palatinate originality and a cultivated way of life.

Book your vacation stay in the Palatinate today, directly on the southern wine route of Germany.
Enjoy your vacation in the Palatinate 

Restaurant and Hotel “Zum Lam.”

Since 1975 we have been offering our guests a "Southern way of life". Where does that come from? From our Palatinate mentality, which we have cultivated and passed on for generations, and from a landscape that is characterized by lush vineyards, gently rolling hills, castles and the unspoilt Palatinate Forest.



Here you will find a lot of information about our seasonal dishes that can be enjoyed throughout the culinary year. Mussel specialties, asparagus, healthy spring or autumn cuisine.


Where forest and vineyards meet, where the rugged cliffs of the Wasgau form a harmonious union with the German Wine Route - that's where Gleiszellen and the Bad Bergzaberner Land are located, a Garden of Eden in the southern Palatinate with numerous cycling and hiking trails.


Between the Palatinate Forest and vineyards, surrounded by pretty wine and forest villages, lies the picturesque Muskateller village with the best atmosphere for an eventful holiday or a day visit.

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