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Sights and leisure activities in our area

Gleiszellen-Gleishorbach, twin villages on the slopes of the Southern Wine Route, welcomes you to a paradise landscape. Enjoy mild temperatures here and be enchanted by the romance of our old streets. Wine plays an important role on the Southern Wine Route. If the region were deprived of wine, life would not be the same. And that is by no means only to be understood in economic terms. By no means everyone here makes their living from wine - but the vast majority live with it and go with it throughout the year. The wine is more or less internalized as a food and luxury item, as an everyday cultural asset.

Anyone who would like to discover the Palatinate on foot will find wonderful excursion tips and detailed tour descriptions at Furthermore, the portal or with current dates, courses and tour recommendations.

Muskateller directly from the Southern Wine Route

Germans learn at school from the beautiful song from the Lüneburg Heath that the Muskateller goes sour from standing for a long time. One would therefore have to assume that the variety would be grown on a large scale in Germany. However, this is not the case. The local varietal statistics only show a planted area under vines of 174 ha (as of 2008).

Muskateller is one of the oldest cultivated vines, which is why there are a large number of variations. The origin of the grape variety is probably in Asia Minor. Muskateller reached Central and Northern Europe through the intensification of long-distance trade in the 12th century.

More than 200 representatives of the muscatel family can be identified. The berry color ranges from pale green to golden yellow, pink to black.

Muskateller places high demands on the location because it is sensitive to frost, susceptible to botrytis and sensitive to flowering. At the Gleiszeller Kirchberg we have the best conditions for growing Muskateller. The soil consists of lime marl, clay and loess. Loam and loess store the moisture and the limestone stores the heat during the day, which it releases again at night. That is why Muskateller thrives particularly well in track cells.

Emperor Barbarossa valued this Muscatel wine, which is also mentioned in the Niebelungenlied. The light white wine with its finely fruity acidity and its intense but not obtrusive bouquet of nutmeg is finding more and more friends in the Muscatel village of Gleiszellen-Gleishorbach and throughout Germany.

Sights along the Southern Wine Route

Design your holiday according to your wishes. The area around Gleiszellen offers you a wide range of leisure activities.

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